Fraudsters are romping about at Amazon and Amazon
does, despite reports of the fraud, apparently nothing against it

In one sentence:
It is dangerous to buy NMN from Amazon! - But that doesn't only apply to Amazon, it also applies to Alibaba - and not only there: The companies that cheat on Amazon and Alibaba also have their own homepages (sometimes under different names) ...

So: Be careful when buying NMN!
We have the fraudulent machinations in connection with NMN
on the Chinese internet platform Alibaba
documented in detail..

Also through video-documentations.

And we have documented how Alibaba even covers the fraudsters:

Don't trust Alibaba (at least not it's Trade Insurance)
and at YouTube
Don't trust Alibaba

This time the aim is to document the fraudulent machinations in connection with NMN
on the American internet platform AMAZON
And we had to learn with horror how Amazon allowed the fraudsters to have their way.
(We thought there was a difference to Alibaba in this regard ...)

Let's start with a study from the USA that looked at the poor quality of the best-selling NMN products on (October 2021): The best-selling NMN products (capsules) on were analyzed and the result is staggering: For many of these products there was either no NMN in the capsules at all or the amount of NMN was far below the amount stated on the package.

You'll find the details in this YouTube-Clip.

But fraud with fake NMNs isn't everything (especially on Amazon):

Background / prehistory to the ban on the sale of NMN on Amazon

The AFEGA anti-aging shop sells NMN through various channels, including Amazon. The AFEGA shop had difficulties with the German authorities, which were reported in detail in the shop, right on the home page. Apparently, the authorities turned to Amazon, and Amazon banned the sale of NMN. The authorities had banned the shop operating in Germany, but the Amazon shop was operated by the AFEGA Research Group in Switzerland and, of course, decrees from authorities in Germany are of no importance for companies in Switzerland, simply because Switzerland does not even belong to the EU. Amazon could therefore not invoke the ban on the German shop if it wanted to prohibit something from a Swiss shop.
Those in charge at Amazon had to think for a few weeks to come to a conclusion. And it read:

The sale of NMN is prohibited on Amazon (as Amazon informed us in a letter dated November 27, 2021):

We were of course not satisfied with this decision, but we were of course ready to bow if - yes, if this prohibition on the sale of NMN were not only enforced against US, but also (in accordance with the principle of equal treatment) for ALL sellers on Amazon. However, we quickly discovered that numerous of our competitors (still) offered NMN on Amazon.

Therefore, on November 28, 2021, we replied that the claim that the sale of NMN is prohibited on Amazon was a misleading false statement, and we backed this up with a product that is even sold from Germany on Amazon:

Now we thought (naively): If an Amazon regulation is violated, Amazon will act immediately. But Amazon's succinct answer was:

That made us angry, hence our annoyed reply:

(Translation: "Would you please be so kind as to do some research yourself? - There are NUMEROUS other suppliers of NMN at !! - Do I have to report the violations of your own regulations to you individually?")

We had of course researched and found not only one NMN offer, but also numerous (mostly fraudulent) NMN offers:

Then on November 30th, 2021 the message from Amazon that the NMN products mentioned by us as an example had been blocked. Not a word about the fact that Amazon would have become active, also about the blocking of the other products, keeping in mind that the sale of NMN on Amazon is supposed to be banned:

But the information from Amazon did not even correspond to the truth for this product named as an example. We therefore drew the support staff's attention to the fact that, contrary to their claim, a block had not taken place:

The answer made us downright stunned. The whole dialogue so far revolved around a product that was claimed to have been banned - but Amazon is in not the slightest rush to actually implement the (alleged) ban (with the exception of the ban against us):

But there is much worse to come:

We are informing Amazon that some of the NMN products we have researched are obviously fraudulent:

(Translation: "The picture "Lifeman" is also a fraud because the description says that there are 500 mg NMN in each capsule, but the ingredients, in addition to resveratrol, only contain black pepper. ASIN B09GV41DQ8
The product NMN STAR is also an attempt at fraud: The term NMN is simply avoided and instead the following is indicated as an ingredient: "NAD-BOOSTER", but this is not a substance !! The labeling of the ingredients is therefore not permitted. NAD booster is a description of the mode of action, and not a substance. B09H638GC1
The product "Glorification" is a fraudulent description, because the name "NMN" on the can suggests that there is NMN in the capsules (and ADDITIONALLY resveratrol), but in truth there is no NMN in them.ASIN B09HZ2M7WB
And finally, the scam NMN Max. The label says it is NMN ("NMN Drops"), but the ingredients no longer say anything about NMN. I am sending the screenshot separately because I cannot attach any further files here. ASIN B09MRYRQC7")

Since there was no response to this notification, we asked a few days later what was so difficult about blocking fraudulent products. We are particularly irritated by the fact that the product, which we had already been assured of being blocked , is still for sale.

There is an answer that stunned us again:

(Translation: "Now I would like to inform you about the deletion of the offer of ASIN B09G9HSVW2. In order for the responsible staff to review your request, please use the "Report a violation" form on Be sure to include all of the required information in your request, including your ASIN, seller name, and any test purchase information you may have. As soon as you have sent the notification, our employees will check it, take appropriate measures and inform you immediately.")

One can only interpret it this way: Amazon has not the slightest interest in uncovering frauds by dubious sellers and violations of its own regulations , does not even react when such violations are reported. The person who reports it should please 'keep to the official channels'. Amazon itself apparently does not feel responsible.

For this reason the following WARNING:

It is dangerous to buy NMN from Amazon! - But that doesn't only apply to Amazon, it also applies, as described at the beginning, to Alibaba - and not only there: The companies that cheat on Amazon and Alibaba also have their own homepages (partly among others names) ...
So: Be careful when buying NMN!

Finally, something for friends of the absurd: Amazon Seller Support

Please make sure that you read the documents from bottom to top in order to understand the context, because the latest announcements are always shown on top.

In the past few months Amazon first banned (US) the sale of NMN, then allowed it again, then banned it again, then allowed it again under certain conditions and finally banned it. Since we were banned from selling with inaccurate and sometimes completely nonsensical arguments, we tried to defend ourselves against the bans, which was initially successful (we were allowed to sell NMN again). But this fact is not the frightening one. The absurdity of the communication is frightening, which will remind all those who have read or like hte famous writer Kafka of his novel "Das Schloß" ("The Castle"). If you love theater of the absurd, you will get your money's worth again, as with the documentation of the Alibaba support (in chronological order):

Amazons theater of the absurd, part 1

Amazons theater of the absurd, part 2

Amazons theater of the absurd, part 3

Amazons theater of the absurd, part 4

Amazons theater of the absurd, part 5

Amazons theater of the absurd, part 6

Disgusting Amazon cynicism

(Translation: "You write: 'Amazon guidelines ensure that a shop remains safe for buyers and fair for sellers.' - What cynicism. Just disgusting! - It is important that the public hear about the incredible level of self-righteousness, stubbornness and incompetence of Amazon support. - We will make sure that is the case."


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